Tips on how to bake the perfect pie


Pie is a favorite dessert for many people. It is American food that originated in the 13th century and has been around ever since. Traditionally, pies are made with crust (a dough of flour, water, and salt) as the bottom layer; various fruit or vegetables as the filling; and some type of thickener such as cornstarch to hold everything together.  The ingredients can vary depending on what kind of pie it is: sweet or savory, fruit-filled or meat-filled. This recipe will show you how to bake a perfect pie by using your oven’s convection setting and making sure the dough has just enough water before baking it off until golden brown on top!

Pies are a great dessert to serve for any occasion. Whether you want to bake an apple pie, pumpkin pie, or cherry pie, the right baking technique is essential. Here are some tips on how to bake the perfect pie:

1) Make sure that your ingredients are at room temperature before you start mixing them together in order to avoid over-mixing and gluten development.

2) For crusts made with butter, make sure it is cold when added into the dough mixture because this will help prevent over-baking of the crust; however, if using shortening or lard as your fat component then it should be melted first because these fats do not need refrigeration like butter does.

3) When adding liquids (milk), be careful because too much heat will cause curdling

4 )if using butter substitute margarine.