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How Warm Water Bath Makes You Feel Better After a Cooking Exercise


Cooking is simple for the people who have a passion for it. For the ones who go there as a past time activity or a must-do session; it’s a tedious exercise.

Do you know how it feels to crack a new recipe enjoyed by everyone at home?

Cooking is a creative activity with several benefits.

One of them is to boost your mental sharpness, especially when you have to research a recipe and have everyone lick their fingers because of the soft and delicious taste of the food.

Other benefits include

  • You are sure of what you consume
  • You have control of your weight
  • You can practice weight goals with ease
  • It saves time and money
  • You eat what you want-variety
  • Helps you to connect with yourself

You have several ways of getting warm water at home. You can choose to boil it manually. But the best way which is simple and easy to maintain is to invest in a tankless water heater.

As the name suggests, it’s a system where you only get warm water at that time. As you switch on the button, the water that passes through the taps at that time is friendly.

Unlike the previous setups, where you had to heat all the water in the tank before it gets to your faucets.

The moment you switch off the heater, the water cools down, and the process repeats itself.

Look at all the wasted energy. Here is how warm water helps to improve your emotional health.

  1. Warm water improves oxygen intake

Once you immerse yourself in warm water, there is an increase in lung capacity as well as increased heart rate.

The ripple effect of this is increased oxygen intake, which means your body works at optimum levels. This, in turn, makes your breathing better and faster.

  • Eases any sort of body discomfort and body inflammation

After a hard day’s work in the kitchen which mostly involves standing for long hours; you can’t escape any pains and body inflammations.

At times, when things go wrong in the kitchen, your stress levels are also increased. That kind of uneasiness puts pressure on the nervous system.

Warm water increases body temperature and decreases pressure. The changes in the temperature and pressure systems calm the nervous system stimulating the production of stress-relieving hormones.

  • Supports return of body muscles to normalcy within a short time

Depending on the time you take to make a meal; at times, all your body muscles and bones are overstretched, leaving you in pain.

Preparation of spices, walking up and down, ensuring the food is perfect involves a lot of physical activity.

At the end of it all, your bones and muscles are in great pain. You don’t need drugs to heal then.

Use warm water to dismantle the clots or any other fluid accumulation in areas of pain to have the “feel better feeling.

  • Improves hormone imbalance

If you have trouble with your hormones which affects your mood and promote a negative attitude.

 It’s worse when stressed while running kitchen errands. Did you know that a simple warm water bath can sort all these?

How is this possible? Warm water when in contact with the body stimulates the production of serotonin which is a hormone responsible for good mood, proper well being and happiness.

What else do you need?

  • Moisturises the skin to have the flawless and glowing skin coat

With all these functions, sweating is paramount.

The sweat blocks the skin pores, which further leads to acne now that the body wants to release some toxins but find a barrier.

It is the barriers that accumulate that you wish to ever to go and see a dermatologist.

If you live in a society who believes in tradition, you now want to associate it with witchcraft.

The solution to all this is in your bathroom. The tankless water heater is a must- install appliance for all kitchen lovers.

The steam from warm water opens the pores making you sweat even more. That is in order; you’re detoxifying your body.

Further, it prompts you to take more and more water. This is the secret behind the flawless skin.

  • Leaves you fresh both in the body and mind

Now that we use oils and makeup, cold water at times may not help to remove the products.

After a cooking episode, you don’t want to stay near where people are for you feel you are smelly.

That alone is enough to lower your self-esteem. That nice and slow warm water bath is the ultimate solution.

It relaxes your body and mind making you fresh, ready to start yet another day full of freshness.

Never fear to handle hard recipes and all that it takes to prepare a good meal. The fatigue and stress that comes with it have a solution- a warm water bath.


6 Smart Kitchen Technology for Every Modern Kitchen


The Internet of Things has changed the kitchen game.

Smart kitchens are designed to help you, the homeowner, to enjoy the best of times in your kitchen. There’s a lot of tech in the modern age to include in your kitchen for a modern touch, look and feel.

Smart kitchens use technology to update every kitchen appliance to meet its full efficiency. New kitchens are made smart, and the old ones remodeled to accommodate smart appliances integrated with technology for easier functioning.

Smart kitchens make it possible to use the internet to reduce the effort and time it takes to prepare meals and do kitchen chores. You need to install an app that corresponds to your smart kitchen appliances.

With the app, you can access your home appliance from a remote area. Here’re six smart kitchen technologies for every modern kitchen:

  • A smart refrigerator for your food
  • Smart kitchen chimney
  • Water purifiers for smart kitchens
  • A smart cooker
  • Identity theft protection
  • A smart coffee maker

1) A smart refrigerator for your food

The normal refrigerators are designed to keep foods fresh. Smart refrigerators are on another level. You can plan your meals, and manage your schedules with these refrigerators.

The fridges also have a screen where you can stream your videos and music. What a wonderful refrigerator!

It’s also possible to install other apps for extra capabilities. You can install apps that enable you to view recipes and book deliveries.

Some also have built-in sensors. The sensors make the refrigerator to open automatically when you’re in front of the fridge.

2) Smart kitchen chimneys

Chimneys are an important part of kitchens because they ensure proper ventilation in your cooking space. Some modern homes have smart chimneys installed in them.

Smart chimneys come with smartphone apps that give you the chance to control your chimney from anywhere you are.

You can also book a servicing appointment from service companies through relevant apps. The chimneys are also designed in a way that reminds you, the homeowner, to clean them after enough dirt has accumulated.

Other benefits of smart chimneys include:

  • Protection for your kitchen tiles
  • Keeps your kitchen walls clean
  • Prevents sneezing
  • Removes bad odor
  • Elevates the appearance and appeal of your kitchen

3) Water purifiers for smart kitchens

Water is life, and it’s most needed when clean. It’s important to buy and install water purifiers in your kitchen because water is among the most basic needs that we all require in our homes.

Smart water purifiers have been designed to make purifying water easy and time-saving.

The purifiers have a platform where you can view the data on the quality of your water in real-time. Like other smart kitchen devices, it comes with a smartphone app that displays the quality of water.

You also get alerted through the smartphone app when it’s time to change your filters. This ensures that the quality of water runs in your kitchen every time.

4) A smart cooker

With smart cookers, cooking has been made easier and effort-free. Smart cookers work like robots with remote commands from your devices.

Most smart cookers are made to cook anything from meats to veggies. They have multiple preset functions and modes for ease of use.

They save your time and effort, and allow for less energy usage. And, all you need is to install a compatible smartphone app and cook from the convenience of your phone.

The app has multiple recipes that are installed in it, giving you a range of choices of what to cook. You can easily program when to start cooking and preset your smart cooker.

5) Identity theft protection

Since smart kitchens use internet and phone apps, they can easily be hacked if you don’t keep your personal information safely.

Unauthorized persons can access your personal information over the internet without your consent and use it to benefit self unlawfully. This can cause you lots of inconveniences.

Therefore, it is necessary to invest in identity theft protection in your smart kitchen. You can buy identity theft insurance to cover the costs resulting from identity theft.

Follow the right procedures to keep your personal information private. Identity Force can protect your existing accounts that are prone to attacks.

But, ID Shield will suit you better if you want to protect your identity and related personal information from unauthorized users.

6) A smart coffee maker

Making coffee can be unnecessarily time-consuming, especially when you’re in a hurry. Smart coffee makers come in handy to help you solve this problem.

You’ll need less effort to make coffee using smart coffee makers. Simply press your phone, go to the smart coffee maker app and initiate the coffee-making process.

Choose the type of coffee you want and your drink will be ready in no time.


The kitchen is one of the main sections of a house. And, with the growth in technology, kitchen designers have upped their game.

Manufacturers of kitchen appliances are now making devices that are more innovative and intuitive to make kitchen chores easier and more enjoyable. The market is growing with competition in home automation. This explains the need for smart kitchens.


How to Bake Healthy Foods for a Weight Loss Diet


Losing weight and keeping the extra calories from your body isn’t easy.


With a few tricks, you can still enjoy your favorite baked foods while losing weight.

Eating lots of fiber, proteins and healthy carbs leave you feeling full, satisfied and energized while boosting your metabolism.

You can learn how to add calorie-burning food ingredients into your diet or daily menu. Include at least a single weight loss superfood in your diet to promote weight loss.

Various diet programs and services create and deliver meals with controlled calories to help you cut down excess weight. However, baking healthy foods for weight loss can offer better results.

Learn to buy and prepare your own healthy meals when working on weight loss. This can help you keep off the calories lost upon reaching your weight loss goals.

Moreover, cooking diet-friendly meals at home is a sure way to save money and energy. Various smart, gourmet baking techniques make food preparation easier.

Keep your berries dry from the market to ensure they stay fresh for longer. “Flash freeze” peeled bananas in your freezer to save on space. Here’re baking tips to help you save money and time, atop promoting weight loss.

Top 9 Ways to Bakes Healthy Foods for Weight Loss

Substitute butter with avocado

Substitute half of your baking butter with mashed avocado in your recipe. This reduces the amount of calories in your baked food.

Whereas avocado has only 184 calories, a cup of butter has 813 calories. Despite low calorie-count in avocado, it produces moister baked goods. It’s also rich in fiber and low in cholesterol and saturated fat.

Foods baked this way are more filling, meaning you end up eating less.

Replace sugar with dates

Dates are naturally sweet, hence a perfect replacement for processed sugar, especially when baking bars or cookies.

Whereas 10 medjool dates contain 666 calories, a cup of white processed sugar has 774 calories. What’s more, dates contain 16 grams of fiber and 4 grams of proteins.

Eating treats baked with dates is more satisfying and leaves you with no cravings. This is unlike foods baked with refined sugar.

Cut your baking recipe in half

Can you be trusted with trays of frosted sugar cookies?

If not, you need to cut your recipe in quarter or half to reduce the amount of calories you’ll end up consuming.

You don’t have to cook many baked goods just because the recipe you’re using makes dozens.

Add food supplements

Replace some of your baking flour with protein powder for a more satisfying meal that’ll keep you full for longer. For instance, eating a single piece of a protein banana bread can make you full and eliminate the need to eat more pieces.

If you’re on a keto, you can add supplements to your baked goods. As an example, the Purefit keto is one of the most common ways to reduce your cravings for weight loss.

Freeze some dough

You don’t have to bake all the dough you prepared at once. Freeze some of the dough and bake cookies from what’s left.

Use an empty ice cube tray to freeze the dough you want to keep for another day. You can easily take some of the frozen dough to bake when cravings strike. This way, you only bake enough cookies without more to reach for when tempted.

Replace eggs with Flaxmeal

Mix three tablespoons of water with one tablespoon of flaxmeal to make a flax egg for each egg you want to replace. When soaked for 5 to 10 minutes, the flax becomes gelatinous and mimics the consistency of eggs.

A single flax egg is almost half the calories of one egg, meaning you can benefit in reduced calories if you’re working on weight loss. Its fiber and omega-3 content is also more filling.

Find some tasty flax eggs recipes to try out.

Bake your favorite treats in mini sizes

Bake bite-sized treats to reduce the amount of calories you consume at any given time. The bites you can bake in mini sizes include:

Replace oil with applesauce

Bake your muffins, bread and cakes with applesauce instead of oil to reduce your calorie-intake in mega counts. It adds sweetness and moistness to your baked goods. This means you can also use it to cut on sugar in your baking recipe.

Sharing is caring

Sharing doesn’t just have to be caring but can also reduce your calorie-intake. Share some of your baked foods with friends and neighbors to ensure you don’t end up eating them all yourself.