How to Bake Healthy Foods for a Weight Loss Diet


Losing weight and keeping the extra calories from your body isn’t easy.


With a few tricks, you can still enjoy your favorite baked foods while losing weight.

Eating lots of fiber, proteins and healthy carbs leave you feeling full, satisfied and energized while boosting your metabolism.

You can learn how to add calorie-burning food ingredients into your diet or daily menu. Include at least a single weight loss superfood in your diet to promote weight loss.

Various diet programs and services create and deliver meals with controlled calories to help you cut down excess weight. However, baking healthy foods for weight loss can offer better results.

Learn to buy and prepare your own healthy meals when working on weight loss. This can help you keep off the calories lost upon reaching your weight loss goals.

Moreover, cooking diet-friendly meals at home is a sure way to save money and energy. Various smart, gourmet baking techniques make food preparation easier.

Keep your berries dry from the market to ensure they stay fresh for longer. “Flash freeze” peeled bananas in your freezer to save on space. Here’re baking tips to help you save money and time, atop promoting weight loss.

Top 9 Ways to Bakes Healthy Foods for Weight Loss

Substitute butter with avocado

Substitute half of your baking butter with mashed avocado in your recipe. This reduces the amount of calories in your baked food.

Whereas avocado has only 184 calories, a cup of butter has 813 calories. Despite low calorie-count in avocado, it produces moister baked goods. It’s also rich in fiber and low in cholesterol and saturated fat.

Foods baked this way are more filling, meaning you end up eating less.

Replace sugar with dates

Dates are naturally sweet, hence a perfect replacement for processed sugar, especially when baking bars or cookies.

Whereas 10 medjool dates contain 666 calories, a cup of white processed sugar has 774 calories. What’s more, dates contain 16 grams of fiber and 4 grams of proteins.

Eating treats baked with dates is more satisfying and leaves you with no cravings. This is unlike foods baked with refined sugar.

Cut your baking recipe in half

Can you be trusted with trays of frosted sugar cookies?

If not, you need to cut your recipe in quarter or half to reduce the amount of calories you’ll end up consuming.

You don’t have to cook many baked goods just because the recipe you’re using makes dozens.

Add food supplements

Replace some of your baking flour with protein powder for a more satisfying meal that’ll keep you full for longer. For instance, eating a single piece of a protein banana bread can make you full and eliminate the need to eat more pieces.

If you’re on a keto, you can add supplements to your baked goods. As an example, the Purefit keto is one of the most common ways to reduce your cravings for weight loss.

Freeze some dough

You don’t have to bake all the dough you prepared at once. Freeze some of the dough and bake cookies from what’s left.

Use an empty ice cube tray to freeze the dough you want to keep for another day. You can easily take some of the frozen dough to bake when cravings strike. This way, you only bake enough cookies without more to reach for when tempted.

Replace eggs with Flaxmeal

Mix three tablespoons of water with one tablespoon of flaxmeal to make a flax egg for each egg you want to replace. When soaked for 5 to 10 minutes, the flax becomes gelatinous and mimics the consistency of eggs.

A single flax egg is almost half the calories of one egg, meaning you can benefit in reduced calories if you’re working on weight loss. Its fiber and omega-3 content is also more filling.

Find some tasty flax eggs recipes to try out.

Bake your favorite treats in mini sizes

Bake bite-sized treats to reduce the amount of calories you consume at any given time. The bites you can bake in mini sizes include:

Replace oil with applesauce

Bake your muffins, bread and cakes with applesauce instead of oil to reduce your calorie-intake in mega counts. It adds sweetness and moistness to your baked goods. This means you can also use it to cut on sugar in your baking recipe.

Sharing is caring

Sharing doesn’t just have to be caring but can also reduce your calorie-intake. Share some of your baked foods with friends and neighbors to ensure you don’t end up eating them all yourself.