About Us

About Us

Founder, Mission and Vision

Bennys S. Banks is the founder and CEO of Benny’s Bistro. He was once an hotelier and baker, a role he worked in for over three decades. Banks studied catering and food and beverage courses before doing his masters in hotel management.

He enjoyed great success in his career and after making enough investment, he decided to begin his own business. Banks noticed a gap in the industry and sought to fill it through his bistro and bakery.

Although other similar businesses exist in Chicago, IL, they don’t make the cut. They often use wholesale food ingredients imported from other regions and countries to prepare their delicacies and confectionaries.

This results in common, unpleasant meals that most people force themselves to eat due to hunger.

However, Benny’s Bistro came into the industry to fill in this gap. At our bistro and bakery, the customer is always right and comes before everything else. This is because the client is at the core of our business and its success.

Banks developed a culture that’s based on customer satisfaction to help us achieve our goals. He prides in his reputable and experienced staff with great expertise in their areas of work.

The business founder attributes our success to the effort made by each member of our team, including the happy customers who visit each day for their favorite dishes or baked goods.


The mission of Benny’s Bistro is to offer tasty, fulfilling and health meals and confectionary to its customers.


Our aim is grow in the next decade and become a leading bistro and bakery not just locally in Chicago, but also across the entire state. We’re also looking to expand into other states to spread our wings across the nation