Benny's Bistro And Bakery


The Bistro

The Benny’s Bistro is located at Chicago, IL. The bistro and bakery uses fresh local ingredients to prepare flavorful food delicacies. We prepare all kinds of foods ranging from casual sandwiches and burgers to fine foods for all kinds of dining.

Our menus for anything casual to special celebrations also include pastries, cakes and pies to suit the different needs of our clients. We know where good baked goods lies in the lives of humans; they’re a weakness for many people.

We prepare meals and baked goods with goodness and richness in texture, taste and flavor. At the Benny’s Bistro, you get the perfect atmosphere and environment to spend your most memorable moments in life with friends and loved ones.

Our desserts vary in variety and flavors to ensure that we offer unique tastes and variations in our confectionaries. Although this can make it difficult for customers to make a choice, it ensures they have lots of options to consider.


The Bakery

Unlike bioengineered fruits and vegetables that travel long distances to meet consumer demand, we only use locally-grown produce to prepare our meals. This ensures that we serve nutritious, tasty and healthy foods made using fresh ingredients in their natural appearance.

The fresh ingredients we source locally to prepare tasty meals and baked foods also ensure that we present good-looking food that’s appetizing. At Benny’s Bistro, we understand that the customers always eat with their eyes first.

Therefore, we offer them food that appeals to both the eyes and taste buds. The taste and flavor of our meals are like no other. You eat or order food at our bistro and bakery and would never eat elsewhere again.



Benny’s Bistro has been in operation for over two decades now. It was founded many years ago to meet the increasing need for healthy and nutritious foods prepared using local ingredients.

The restaurant and bakery store has grown over the years in terms of sales, number of items for sale and employees.

The bistro and bakery had small beginnings. It started with only two employees, including the founder, who worked hard each day to meet consumer demands. It has also expanded into other regions across the county and state.




Authentic bakery

Our retail bakery sells baked delicacies daily to suit your sweet tooth. We produce baked foods using flour and other premium and safe ingredients. We produce cookies, bread, pastries, cakes, and pies, among other sweet baked food items. We also offer coffee and tea for customers who wish to enjoy their baked goodies at our café.

Special occasion cakes

We’re obsessed with baking the tastiest cakes. Our bakers carefully select the best ingredients, recipes, details and other things that go into our cooking and baking process. Our desserts are tasty and beautiful inside-out. We bake in small batches for optimal results and hand-decorate our cakes for distinct looks. The desserts are crafted to perfection to lure our customers from the moment you lay your eyes on them to the big bite. Choose from our range of creamy pies and tender cakes to decadent brownies and cheesecakes with distinct texture and flavor. The fresh-baked breads, homemade desserts and mouthwatering pastry treats are like no other.


Whether you’re looking for an intimate dinner or something more elegant, be it a formal or casual affair, we’ve got your needs covered. We cater for the needs of small or large groups of guests attending luncheons or parties. Our outdoor space is perfect for a couple or large gathering.

Specialty catering

Our full catering service caters for all needs, ranging from weddings to corporate events. We offer unique menu selections to suit the different needs of customers who walk into our bistro and bakery.

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